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Brings as much relief as joy to the citizens

NEW DELHI: The sight and sound of water gushing through their taps brought a smile on the face of lakhs of residents of Delhi as the Delhi Jal Board on Wednesday released about 65 million gallons of water from the Sonia Vihar water treatment plant to large parts of East and South Delhi.

Seeing abundant volumes of clear sparkling water brought as much relief as joy to the citizens who had been braving an acute water crisis over the past many years. Though many wondered how long this new supply would continue, others decided to rejoice in the extra supply as long as it lasts.

Kumud Suri, a resident of Pocket 4, Mayur Vihar-I in East Delhi, was definitely pleased as in the evening she received water supply without having to switch on the booster pump. "Getting water was a struggle for us till now. The supply in the morning would start at about 6 a.m. and last for about two hours. Then in the evening we used to receive water for another hour or so. But this is the first time when we have got water without using the booster pump. I hope this supply would not stop and we would not have to call for water tankers -- as we did almost every day this summer -- in the future.''

In Pocket 1 of Mayur Vihar, another homemaker, Anju Joshi, was thrilled at the sight of getting crystal clear water at full flow. "This is the first time in the past many years that we have received this kind of a supply. I just hope it lasts."

In South Delhi too there were several colonies which received a good supply of water after a long time. At Chittranjan Park, Councillor Virender Kasana said the Shiv Mandir overhead water tank filled up fully with the additional supply. "Till now the tank used to get half only and the water supply to the residents used to take place for only a limited time. But now with the tank being filled up completely twice during the day, the supply would improve about four times from the previous levels."

However, not all residents were equally fortunate with the water supply. Sachin Srivastava, a resident of E Block Sarita Vihar complained that there had been no improvement whatsoever in water supply in his area. "The supply continues to remain erratic and our only recourse is to store whatever water we can during the few hours of water supply that we get."

DJB spokesperson said the supply to the colonies started during the night. "There was no formal ceremony and the start of the supply was a normal process as the flushing had been taking place earlier as well."

Stating that the system would be assessed to see how it was responding to the additional availability of water, DJB said the supply from the project would be gradually augmented in the future.