Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: As part of its initiatives for a “Green and Clean” Delhi in view of the upcoming Commonwealth Games, the compound lights at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium, which has been selected as a venue for boxing, will now be illuminated by solar energy.

This effort of the New Delhi Municipal Council is aimed at environment protection and energy conservation by encouraging people to maximise use of solar energy.

An ISO-certified company, Linkage Technologies Inc, has installed 60 solar energy lights in the compound of the stadium. “These lights are made of Light Emission Diode chip which consumes minimum energy. The 60 Watt of LED lights provides more illumination than 400 Watt of sodium vapour lamps. The average lifetime of each LED light is 50,000 hours and due to their advanced technology these lights require very little maintenance as well,” an NDMC official said.

“Moreover, these solar energy lights will operate automatically. After sunset, they will illuminate the compound and post sunrise they will get switched off automatically. This not only saves energy but also saves manpower,” he added.

With an eye on the Commonwealth Games, the stadium has been designed and constructed to meet international standards and boasts of natural resource, habitat and landscape preservation elements that have been integrated into the stadium's overall design.