Influenced by the recent heist film “Special 26”, six young men came together to form a gang to cheat people by posing as representatives of government enforcement agencies. The accused, who had duped a businessman of Rs.1.5 crore, have been arrested by the Delhi Police Crime Branch. A large part of the stolen amount has been recovered and two vehicles used in the commission of offence impounded.

Identifying themselves as Income-Tax officials, the accused targeted the cash belonging to a chartered accountant being transported in a car driven by his driver in Kotwali on July 18. “The driver, in his complaint, alleged that some persons claiming to be Income-Tax officials searched the vehicle and took away the cash,” said a police officer.

Police investigations indicated involvement of three persons, namely Sudhir Bhati (26), Deepak (26) and Praveen (32). The suspects had executed the heist in conspiracy with Jitender Negi (30), Devender Tiwari (33) and Deepak Kumar (35).

Acting on a tip-off that one of the groups would visit a hospital at Shalimar Garden in Uttar Pradesh, the police laid a trap and arrested Sudhir, Deepak Bhati and Praveen soon after they alighted from their car.

Subsequently, at their instance, the other accused were also arrested.

During interrogation, Sudhir purportedly disclosed that he worked as a driver for the complainant, Raghvendra Bansal, and used to transport cash at his instance. The accused shared the information with Praveen and Deepak Bhati, following which they allegedly conspired to cheat Sudhir’s employer. According to the police, the driver got Rs.45 lakh as his share. While he had spent Rs.50,000, the rest of the amount was recovered from his Ghaziabad residence.

Praveen had also received Rs.45 lakh, of which he had spent Rs.1.5 lakh in the past fortnight. At his instance, the police seized rest of the stolen cash.

“Deepak Bhati was paid Rs.30 lakh and Rs.25 lakh was given to Devender for the job. Jitender, who is an alcoholic, had joined the gang in lieu of a bottle of liquor,” said the officer.