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`This is being done to stop the demolition of her properties'

A blatant violation of the building by-laws by the Chief Minister and her son alleged `Files pertaining to unauthorised construction may have been destroyed or hidden by the MCD staff '

NEW DELHI: The Leader of the Opposition in the Standing Committee of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Vijender Kumar Gupta, has alleged that Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit is openly misusing her political power in matters of promotion, demotion and punishment for high-ranking officials.

It is because of this, the senior Delhi BJP leader said, that the MCD gave the "so-called clean chit'' to her in respect of her personal property and the violation of the Archaeological Area Rules provision over which the Corporation has no implementing powers.

Fearing that the files pertaining to unauthorised construction by important leaders, including the Chief Minister, may have already been destroyed or deliberately hidden by the MCD staff, Mr. Gupta said this was being done to stop the demolition of their properties under High Court orders.

Stating that there was a conspiracy because of which the status report pertaining to alleged violation of building by-laws by the Chief Minister, her son and Member of Parliament from East Delhi, Sandeep Dikshit, and her relatives could not be placed in the MCD House on Wednesday, Mr Gupta said since the violations still exist and the copies of the demolition orders issued by the MCD to the concerned persons were still available in the records, they should be utilised for future action.

Mr Gupta said the MCD had issued demolition notice No. 35/1/B/UC/CZ/05/1098 on June 10, 2005, and 59/11/B/UC/CZ/05/1146 on September 16, 2005, for unauthorised constructions at 5 Jaipur Estate, Nizamuddin and A-64 Nizamuddin East, respectively.

The demolition action, he said, was to be taken within six days from the date of issue of the notices.

However, the BJP leader lamented, that neither the concerned building owner nor the MCD took demolition action. He said Mr. Dikshit is occupant and part owner of the first property while the second is occupied and partly owned by Ajay Dhavan, brother-in-law of the Chief Minister's sister.

Mr Gupta further alleged a blatant violation of the building by-laws in the B-2 first floor Nizamuddin East house of the Chief Minister, an allegation which has been denied by Ms. Dikshit earlier.