In an upcoming movie, actor Sharman Joshi will play the role of a grandson to versatile actress Rekha. Madhur Tankha talks to the excited actor….

For the first time in his decade long career in Bollywood, actor Sharman Joshi will share the big screen with his all-time favourite actress Rekha. This untitled social drama will explore the relationship between a senior citizen (Rekha) and her grandson (Sharman).

Sharman, who came into prominence with his character of a naughty prankster in Style , describes himself as a film buff who has always had high regard and admiration for Rekha, who has a certain mystique about her.

“I have watched almost every film of hers. I do not have words to describe this multi-faceted personality. Undoubtedly, Rekha who has worked in every genre of films for the past four decades is a legend. She has the ability to reinvent herself and her versatility is clearly in evidence from the kind of films she has done. I am eager to see film lover’s reaction to our on-screen chemistry.”

In this social comedy drama, Sharman is playing a US-returned guy. “My character is extremely possessive of his maternal grandmother (Rekha) and sees to it that his nani is never ill-treated at the hands of other family members. They share a warm camaraderie.”

Surprisingly, Randhir Kapoor, who agreed to come on board for this one because he was getting a chance to share the screen with Rekha after a long hiatus, is playing Sharman’s grandfather.

Indra Kumar is the director and producer of the film.

Unlike other actors who believe in doing research on their own, Sharman believes in spontaneity. He does not like to get bogged down with too much homework.

“For my first film with Rekha, I have not done any homework. But this is the way I work. However, there are certain exceptions. I did research for films like Ferrari ki Sawaari . I worked on my speaking style and other aspects of my personality for Rang De Basanti and 3 Idiots .”

Though he has not done any research on his character, Sharman is sweating it out in his neighbourhood gym as he has to shed the extra ten kg he added for his last hit film Ferrari Ki Sawaari .

Though Sharman looks up to veteran Bollywood actors like Rekha and Prem Chopra, he has the highest regard for his father Arvind Joshi, an illustrious name in Gujarati theatre.

“My dad is my real life hero. I look up to him. His towering stature has had a great influence on me. As a writer, producer and director he has played a pioneering role in the field of theatre. Our house was always filled with writers, poets and director who would do animated conversations on different yet relevant aspects of theatre.”

Eaves-dropping on these engaging conversations helped in nurturing creative ideas in young Sharman. “Those conversations could easily have been forgotten but for a young inquisitive mind which wanted to explore new ideas, those talks have affected me. My father gave me complete freedom to do the kind of work I wanted to do.”

Apart from his father, Sharman is lucky to have father-in-law in the veteran villain of the silver screen Prem Chopra.

But if Sharman is to be believed Prem Chopra does not discuss work. “But whenever he speaks about his generation or some of his memorable works, I listen to him patiently.”