Himachal Pradesh has shown a marginal increase in the sex ratio from 968 in 2001 to 974 in 2011 in the latest Census report and has registered a 12.81 per cent growth in population.

Balbir Tegta, Director of Census Operation, Himachal Pradresh, who presented the 2011 Census report to the Governor Urmila Singh on Friday, said that the provisional total population of the State was 68,56,509 with male and female population enumerated at 34,73,892 33,82,617 respectively. This also includes a big population of Tibetans and Nepalese living in the State.

The literacy rate reached 83.78 per cent, while male and female literacy increased to 90.83 per cent and 76.60 per cent respectively.

The male literacy in Hamirpur has crossed the 95-per cent mark.

Population density

The density of population has also gone up from 109 to 123 in 2011 with 406 as highest in Hamirpur and just two people in the tribal Lahaul-Spiti district.

The total population has decreased to 31,528 from 33,224 in 2001 in the tribal district.

Male literacy in Hamirpur crosses 95-per cent mark