For one and a half year they are working on ad hoc basis

Over 300 senior residents at the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences here who have been working as ad hoc employees in various departments claim to be a harassed lot.

“For the past year and a half over 300 senior residents at the Institute have been working as ad hoc employees. This happened last year as the exam held for the single seat in the gynaecology department was reserved following which Dr. Deepa Maheshwari and Resident Doctors' Association went to court and stayed the exam results and there were no regular selection for the next 18 months. So 329 people were selected on ad hoc basis,'' said Institute RDA president Dr. Debjyoti Karmakar.

“Now the court has ruled that last year's roster was flawed in relation to the gynaecology seat and the deadlock is broken so there has to be regular selection. This has left a bulk of the senior residents uncertain about their future,'' he added.Dr. Karmakar noted that now after more than one year of service and after having spurned several other job offers the doctors appointed on ad hoc basis don't know if they will continue as senior residents or if they would have to sit for another written test to be reappointed and continue working at the Institute.

The Institute Resident Doctors' Association (RDA) in a release issued on Friday said: “We are of the opinion that the departmental selections made till date were ordered by the Institute and they should be considered as formal selections for the concerned candidates and fresh centralised selections be made for prospective vacancies so that the working people are continued in the new system. Each of the ad hoc senior residents had to submit a bio-data and face a departmental viva so we feel that these selections should stand valid for consideration of regularisation.''

In a letter submitted to the Institute director, RDA members noted that it was a matter of great concern that resident doctors from various departments particularly RP Centre have been informed by Institute registrar's office that fresh roster is ready for senior residents selection.  

“What is surprising is that RDA was never consulted before deciding on the so called new ‘roster'. Even the court has said that the ‘Institute' will make a new roster. So we resubmit our plea for a new three-tier based roster according to seniority of working residents so that a fresh selection does not lead to only first year senior residents in the hospital and resulting mismanagement henceforth,'' noted the RDA letter.

 However, another group of doctors at the Institute have rubbished the claims made by the RDA members and said that they want the Institute to hold a proper examination for selection of senior residents. “Seats were filled up on ad hoc basis with pre-notice that candidates can be removed if there is an exam. What the RDA is now demanding has no basis, being a doctor working on ad-hoc does not permit you to automatically become a permanent employee,'' said a doctor at the Institute.