A senior Air India pilot has been suspended for allegedly flying an unauthorised person in the cockpit and misbehaving with an air hostess, who later filed a complaint against him.

Captain Amar Sabharwal has been suspended for carrying an unauthorised person in the cockpit on a Delhi-Kolkata flight on March 2 in violation of security norms, an Air India spokesperson said.

According to sources, the incident happened on Air India’s flight (AI-020) on Saturday last when a Customs officer entered the plane with a boarding pass of a jump seat.

But he was later allowed to travel in the cockpit by the Commander, to which a cabin crew objected.

This led to a heated argument between the Commander and the cabin crew.

The pilot allegedly made some “indecent comment” on the air hostess, they said, adding that after returning to Delhi the air hostess filed a complaint with the police.

Taking a serious note of the incident, Air India management de-rostered the pilot. He was taken off duty and an inquiry was ordered into the matter. A jump seat can be located in the cockpit or passenger cabin of an aircraft. In the cockpit, it is provided for individuals who are not operating the plane which may include trainee pilots, off-duty crew members, DGCA officials or airline staff. - PTI

For allegedly flying an unauthorised person in the cockpit and misbehaviour