Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party president Harsh Vardhan has described demands by public schools in the Capital for a 50 per cent increase in fees as “improper”.

In a statement, Dr. Vardhan pointed out that all public schools had been constructed on land provided by the Government at concessional rates. “Therefore commercialisation of schools is not justified. These schools increase the fees by about 10 per cent every year, hence the demand for increasing the fees by 50 per cent on the pretext of recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission is not acceptable,” he added.

Stating that from 1993 to 1998 there was no control over public schools in the city and they used to recover money as donations, building funds and extra curricular activities, Dr. Vardhan said: “However, during BJP rule this was stopped and auditing in every school was started so that no fictitious expenditures were shown.”

Expressing concern over price rise, Dr. Vardhan said: “Having a house in the city is beyond the reach of the middle class. If the fees of children are increased, then schools will go out of the reach of the middle class and only the children of the rich people will get education. Education is the fundamental right of children. If the BJP comes to power it will not allow commercialisation of education.”