The Haryana unit of the CPI (M) has drawn the attention of Haryana Governor Jagannath Pahadia to “the plight of Scheduled Castes” in the State.

CPI (M) State Secretary Inderjit Singh handed over a memorandum to the Governor's office on Monday saying the socio-economic lot of the SC population, over 19 per cent, in the State was “appalling and much worse in comparison to other social strata”.

“Contrary to the general propaganda about their upliftment, this section is facing discrimination and prejudiced treatment in all spheres of day-to-day life. They are lagging behind in all respects and facing untouchability and humiliation. Dalit women are made to suffer even more indignity, neglect and deprivation,” he added.

On the projection of Haryana as a State having achieved progress and development, he said, “the illusory nature of the much-hyped official media propaganda gets completely shattered when a Dulina, Gohana, Harsaula, Mirchpur or Daulatpur is shamelessly enacted at regular intervals. And recently the hand of a Dalit youth was almost chopped off merely for taking water from the pitcher belonging to a higher caste family.”

The memorandum states: “Caste panchayats' aggressiveness in recent decades with the tacit patronage of ruling class has further added to the scenario of caste hostility.”

Mr. Singh said reservations in jobs were a mockery as the Constitutional norms and legal provisions were broken with impunity by those at the bureaucratic and political helm. Also, hopes and aspirations of the landless for a legal share in the surplus land had been permanently belied by the Haryana Government by the amendment to the Land Ceiling Act in order to validate the possession of surplus holdings. Even the 30 per cent share of the SCs in Gram Panchayat agricultural lands was not actually guaranteed to them when auctioned for cultivation. Moreover, vested interests were creating hurdles in allotments of 100 square yard residential plots to the landless families, he added.