∙Three-year undergraduate course changed to four-year undergraduate course.

∙All colleges in DU to have the new four-year course starting June.

∙Nomenclatures changed completely. No more BA, B. Com , B Sc or BA (Hons.), B. Com (Hons.) and B Sc (Hons.).

∙Exit option after two years with “Associate Baccalaureate,” after three years as “Baccalaureate” and after four years as “Baccalaureate with Honours”.

∙Students exiting after two or three years can come back within three years for a higher degree.

∙Mere presence at an exam is enough to ensure a pass, but students have to have an average score of 45 per cent for an Associate Baccalaureate and Baccalaureate and 50 per cent for Baccalaureate with Honours.

∙From third semester major courses called “Discipline One” and minor courses called “Discipline Two” will begin.

∙A total of 20 Discipline One papers and six Discipline Two papers will have to be taken over four years to qualify for an honours degree in the Discipline One subject.

∙Class 12 streams don’t matter, except for Science and any subjects can be chosen across streams; discipline subjects can also be changed at a later stage.

∙First two years all students regardless of stream background will have common compulsory foundation subjects like Language, Literature, and Creativity -I (Hindi or Mixture of Indian Languages); Language, Literature, and Creativity-II (English); Information

∙Technology, Business, Entrepreneurship and Management; Governance and Citizenship; Philosophy, Psychology, Communication and Life