Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The Right to Information Act has been able to dispel doubts and bring about transparency in the work sphere, Central Information Commissioner in Delhi, Shailesh Gandhi, here on Saturday.

Addressing a workshop organised by the Delhi Jal Board on RTI at Delhi Secretariat, Mr. Gandhi said the trend now was of moving towards greater accountability in governance. He said there is greater transparency now in the standards of performance and service delivery of public agencies to the citizens they are required to serve.

Mr. Gandhi went on to say that transparency and accountability are possible only when the public has access to information related to the functioning of agencies and organisations like the Delhi Jal Board.

He expressed hope that the Jal Board would keep on moving towards the information regime to honour the true spirit of the RTI Act, 2005. He suggested the execution and administrative procedures to deliver the information well in the spirit of the Act.

About 180 officers involved in the Information Delivery System also participated in the workshop, which was attended by Delhi Chief Secretary Rakesh Mehta, Jal Board CEO Ramesh Negi and Secretary (Jal Board) Bipin Behari.