Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Delhi Zoo on Saturday lost a female rhino received from the United States this past April. According to zoo officials, post-mortem revealed that the rhino – aged seven years -- had a puncture in the heart which has been reported as the cause of death. “We believe that the rhino had ingested some needle-like object which having punctured through the diaphragm injured the heart causing death. The zoo is left with two female rhinos now,” said a senior zoo official.

The incident shows how harmful external objects, often thrown by visitors or carelessly left around, can be to the animals at the zoo.

There was, however, some good news as well at the zoo. After a gap of over 20 years, a pair of Lion Tail Macaque (LTM) – received recently from Chennai Zoo – gave birth to an offspring. Three days ago the zoo had also recorded the birth of a swamp deer. “We have successfully managed to mate the LTM and are very happy with the result. The birth of the LTM baby was recorded two days ago. The baby is under close observation and is doing well. We also recorded the birth of a swamp deer calf three days ago,” said a zoo official.