The Ministry of Human Resource and Development has written to the Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, seeking revocation of the suspension of Professor Rajiv Kumar.

He is under suspension for the past two years for allegedly maligning the Institute through the media.

 In a letter to the Director on April 15, the Ministry referred to the advice of the Central Vigilance Officer (CVO) that the institute ought to be directed to “revoke the suspension with immediate affect.”

In October, 2012 the Ministry had written to the Director seeking review of the suspension. The professor belongs to the institute’s computer science department.

In response to the letter, the IIT authorities had written back earlier this year stating that taking him back would “adversely affect” the academic atmosphere.

Prof. Kumar has been accused of “accessing the media for personal gains and maligning the institution” as well as “misrepresentation of facts on irregularities in a laptop purchase.”

Interestingly the efforts of the professor who used Right to Information (RTI) applications to ascertain details of marks obtained by students during the IIT-JEE entrance examination has been lauded by the Supreme Court. The court observed that his actions were aimed at bringing in “transparency in the procedure.”

Prof. Kumar also exposed irregularities by a section of officials running a “fake institute” on the IIT campus and issuing diplomas to students. In the communication, the Ministry stated there was “absolutely no justification for continuing with the suspension,” of Prof. Kumar. It pointed out that the enquiry report absolving him had been accepted by the Board of Governors of the institute.

The letter states that the communication has the approval of the “competent authority in the Ministry.”

  • Professor’s RTI actions were lauded by Supreme Court

  • He exposed fake institute run by a section of officials on campus