NSD's Sanskaar Rang Toli presents Bal Sangam-2011

The Sanskaar Rang Toli (Theatre-in-Education Company) of the National School of Drama will host its weeklong cultural mela, “Bal Sangam-2011”, at the Crafts Museum on Bhairon Marg here beginning this Tuesday.

This year, TIE is focusing on revival of the dying cultural art forms of the country. “Bal Sangam” will feature diverse traditional art forms presented by children from different States.

According to NSD Director Anuradha Kapoor, the aim behind the biennial event is to initiate a dialogue between artistes living in rural areas and those residing in cities. “Most of the participating artistes are products of our country's age-old guru-shishya tradition. Some children have learnt folk art from their families and institutions. Besides appreciating the folk art styles of the participants, the audience will get a chance to familiarise themselves with cultural and sociological aspects of these groups. It is heartening to see so many art forms thriving in this country.”

As the Delhi Metro railway is undertaking work near its premises, the NSD has decided to hold the event at a different venue.

Recounting the history of TIE, former NSD Director Kirti Jain said it was formed more than two decades ago to perform creative, curriculum-based and participatory plays in schools designed for children of different age groups.

“Through this creative programme we encourage children to ask questions and take decision. Education in schools should not be one-sided with only teachers imparting knowledge and students becoming mute spectators. Children must be given a chance to ask questions and use their imagination to the fullest,” said Ms. Jain, also a senior professor at NSD.

According to TIE chief Abdul Latif Khatana, the participants were chosen in the run-up to the Commonwealth Games last year but as they could not perform then they have now been give a chance.

“This year, we have eight old groups and an equal number of new groups. For the first time, a tribal school from Gujarat will also give a performance. A majority of the participants are children.”

Interestingly, the first edition of “Bal Sangam” was also held at the Crafts Museum.

“Teeming with statues and aesthetic huts, the place has a feel-good factor to it,” adds Mr. Khatana.