Succumbing to pressure from owners of buildings, the Delhi Government on Tuesday put in abeyance the order issued by its Revenue Department on March 30 banning registration of transactions of all structures not supported by sanctioned building plans or buildings where sanctioned plans had showed major structural deviations.

With the order being put on hold, the registration of such buildings would now resume.

Sources in the Delhi Government said the need to put the order on hold was felt because the registration of property transactions had dropped sharply ever since the order was issued. As most of the buildings also lacked structural safety certificates, since they were not demanded earlier, the problem had got compounded.

With the Delhi Government making production of building sanction plan and structural safety certificate mandatory for granting permission of registry, the number of registrations had fallen by about 90 per cent.

Incidentally, the order was issued by the Revenue Department after Lieutenant-Governor Tejendra Khanna had called for setting up a special task force to check the growing menace of unauthorised construction. He had demanded stringent measures to ensure that structural safety of buildings was not compromised.

Lalita Park tragedy

The Delhi Government's decision to put its decision on hold comes within months of the building collapse at Lalita Park in East Delhi in which at least 70 people had lost their life.

  • Registration of houses without sanctioned building plans had been put on hold
  • Registration of property transactions had dropped sharply ever since the order was issued