Goodbye pen

Using pens to darken the ovals in the optical mark response sheet of various examinations has to end now. I have witnessed many cases in which candidates have been awarded zero for making one mistake while coding their answers by darkening the ovals/bubbles incorrectly. Even whitener does not work and their fate is left with the scanners. All the hard work of students get ruined because of these recruiting organisations, especially the Staff Selection Commission. Thousands of students get victimised in every SSC exam because of this. The alternative has always been there - ‘pencil to darken the ovals’ and ‘online exams’. I hope the authorities wake up from their deep slumber to resolve this by writing a law with a ‘pen’.

Prashant Rajput

Rohini, Delhi

New challenge

It has been nearly one year since the Delhi Traffic Police launched a crackdown on the use of dark films on vehicles by fining owners or removing the film on the spot. But now a new kind of ‘film’ made of dark fabric is available in the market. This can be stuck and removed easily from the glass. It serves the same purpose as the old plastic film, thus defeating the object of the crackdown. The police must intervene in this matter.

Rahul Kapoor

Outram Lines,


Passport woes

After an anxious wait, I received my passport one year ago. But to my dismay, my name was misspelled. I realised it was a typing error on my part and improper verification on the passport verification team’s part (since my documents had the correct name). I acknowledged my mistake and asked for redress and to my surprise I was asked to get an advertisement published in different newspapers citing a change in my name.

As a law-abiding citizen, I fail to understand how I can mislead the public when I have never changed my name. I have tried raising my concern personally as well as at appropriate redress forums, but even after months I have failed to get any response. As an aspiring civil servant, I am appalled by such apathy.

Shijoy Varughese



Telangana tales

The creation of Telangana can very well be portrayed as a political gimmick. The reasons for unequal development are discrimination and the narrow mentality shown by all successive governments. These difference exist even among districts of a region and among the mandals of the same district. If everybody demands separation over backwardness then there is no end. Fighting against discrimination is the solution and not separation.

A comprehensive plan for scientific utilisation of all the natural resources of the State after proper and exact estimation of the availability of natural resources like water, minerals, forests, etc., should be implemented. Priority should be given to backward areas while coming up with any project.

It is the time for better and inclusive growth from bottom to top, from the village to the city and from the rich to the poor rather than falling into the trap of anti-social elements which are trying to channelise people’s anger and discontentment arising out of capitalist exploitation into a disastrous path.Paridhi Gupta


Uttar Pradesh