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Who’s to blame?

The news of Chandigarh police constable Basant Kumar alias Bunty killing three people, including Inspector Sucha Singh, has shocked people. But, what is at the root of the problem? What led Bunty to commit this crime? Is he a criminal by intent or default?

For a moment, let’s put ourselves in Bunty’s place. As an adult, if I genuinely love another adult and we both marry as per the religious rites in a temple, why should anyone have a problem?

If someone forcibly takes away my wife and marries her off to someone else, then how would I feel? I will rescue her, at any cost. That is what Bunty did, though he could have done so without murdering Sarita’s ‘husband’ and mother-in-law.

Who are the real culprits behind Bunty and Sarita’s agony? It is the Khap panchayat who separated them after marriage, the parents who disowned them and the villagers who made a married woman (Sarita) marry another man forcibly. Why shouldn’t they be answerable for this crime?

Similar cases have happened in Haryana earlier and will happen again, if we do not haul the Khaps . They, in the name of caste and traditions, ruin the lives of young married couples. Such cases will happen again if the parents fail to stand by their children and meekly give in to the diktats of these illegal bodies. Why are the politicians and NGOs quiet on this case? What is the fault of pregnant Sarita who will have to wait till Bunty comes out of jail, if at all?

We are a society with double standards. One for the rich and another for the poor. We deprive the poor of a dignified life. We also deprive them of love.

Col. R. D. Singh (Retd.)

Defence Colony

Ambala Cantt,


A father’s role

“I still wish I had a dad who was not only around, but involved” (June 17, The Hindu ) remarked U.S. President Barack Obama on the occasion of Father’s Day. It seems that Father’s Day had a special meaning for him this year. His perceptions about the role of parents in general and a father in particular were touching. He revealed that he missed the company of his father at an early age and later realised the need of a father. To me, a father is just like a guru who constantly guides his children to follow the right path and instils good moral and ethical values in them. Besides, parents also help children in achieving the desired level of emotional development. The father, therefore, should act as the Sun which always gives (light) but doesn’t demand anything in return.

Arun Kumar Sharma

SAS Nagar,



Crime and punishment

The Hindu issue of June 21, 2013, carried a report that the Delhi Medical Council (DMC) has punished a pathologist for unethical behaviour. Removing the errant doctor’s name permanently from the State Medical Register would have been an exemplary punishment. That would have served as a deterrent and would have sent the right message to all the medical professionals that any unethical conduct will attract permanent disbarment. Instead the DMC gave the errant doctor a two-month holiday from his hectic schedule so that he can energise himself and resume his activities without any hindrance. The DMC must surely be aware that many pathology labs are issuing test reports with pre-printed signatures of pathologists. While the DMC cannot possibly prevent such shenanigans, surely it can award exemplary punishment. This is another example that self-regulation is a myth and professional bodies -- be they doctors, lawyers or accountants -- are keen on protecting their members than providing any assurance to the public.

Raghavan S,

Sun City, Gurgaon

Assault on communal harmony

It was shocking to read how someone not only started a fake Facebook account in the name of senior Uttar Pradesh Minister Azam Khan, but also posted incendiary comments on his behalf ( The Hindu , June21).

The conspiracy seems to have been hatched by some vested interests to tarnish Mr. Khan’s reputation and also with the view to disrupt communal harmony in order to earn political brownie points in the upcoming 2014 Lok Sabha elections. This sort of treacherous politics must be dealt with sternly and the culprits brought to book.

Rukhsana Khan

Mohan Road,




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