Having already reached out to 99 flood-affected villages in the Chamoli, Uttarkashi and Rudraprayag districts of Uttarakhand, with relief supplies being carried on foot or on mule-back, HelpAge will now send 30 truck-loads of relief supplies, containing nearly 84 tonnes of packages for 3,000 families in the remote villages of that State.

“We have been working in Uttarakhand since June 21 and are trying to reach the most remote villages where relief has not been able to reach. We are providing emergency food rations for affected families and primary medical assistance to 99 villages,” said Manjira Khurana, country head of advocacy and communication for HelpAge.

Ms. Khurana said establishing the last mile connectivity is the most important part of the relief mission now. “There are people in need of help in the far-flung areas of the State and we are trying to reach out to them. Much of the relief work will be on foot as many of the roads have been washed away. Relief teams are reaching on foot, setting up roadside make-do camps where access is cut off.”

The packages being sent weigh about 28 kg each and comprise of 10 kg each of wheat flour and rice, 3 kg arhar dal, 2 kg sugar, 1 kg salt, 300 grams of spices, 1 litre of mustard oil, 500 grams of soya chunks, washing soap, detergents and 10 match boxes.

The organisation said many affected people in the State are still in urgent need of food, blankets, tarpaulin, solar lights and medical care.