A rape accused’s bid to escape the law by faking his death and furnishing a false certificate before the court has been foiled with his arrest two years later.

Story concocted

The accused, Subhash Gulia of Badli village, was arrested for allegedly kidnapping and raping a minor in 2007 and sent to jail. After being released on bail on sureties, he stopped appearing in the court and the sureties were forfeited. Later, the accused’s relatives submitted a certificate before the court claiming that Subhash had gone to Nepal where he died and was cremated. But the story appeared to be concocted and the court ordered verification of the death certificate in 2010.

The police contacted the mother and the brother of the accused and found that they had vacated their house in Badli at Jhajjar.

The mother was traced to Rajasthan and the brother to Hari Nagar.

The investigation bore fruits when the police managed to trace Subhash to Jaipur. Subhash was staying in Jaipur with a new name and had started working. He was arrested and produced before a court on Monday.

Subhash had escaped to Nepal following the bail and later shifted to Jaipur with a new identity, the police said.