The Rajasthan Construction Labourer Welfare Board on Thursday decided to implement the national health insurance scheme for the unorganised sector workers and announced that it would pay a major portion of the premium to connect stakeholders with the scheme and encourage them to get insured.

Minister of State for Labour Mangilal Garasia, who presided over the Board’s meeting here, said a scheme announced last year for reimbursement of medical expenses on treatment of serious diseases would continue to be operative under the national health insurance scheme.

A provision of Rs.3 crore has been made under the scheme, he added.

Mr. Garasia said the Board would simplify the procedure for registration of labourers and make a new provision for registration at village panchayats as well.

Principal Labour & Employment Secretary Rajhans Upadhyay said all schemes proposed by the Board would be executed promptly with the “seriousness [that] they deserve”. The shortcomings would be removed as early as possible, he said.

Labour groups’ representatives Babulal Sharma and Prem Shrimali said a drive should be launched for registration of stakeholders and new schemes formulated for labour welfare. Additional Labour Commissioner Satyavrat said the schemes such as Janshri Beema Yojana and assistance for institutional deliveries would be considered afresh.