Senior officers have sought protection of the Railway Board from being victimised on petty charges in the light of the action taken by the CVC in a 10-year-old case.

Federation of Railway Officers’ Association secretary general Shubhranshu in a letter to the Railway Board chairman has raised the issue of ordering technical trial of any new product before induction into the technologically intensive railways.

Mr. Shubhranshu has warned that young officers might even defy written orders of their seniors in the absence of protection from the organisation underscoring the case where an executive director had been penalised for carrying out the orders of his seniors in ordering trials of perfume dispensers and disinfectant dispensers.

The Association has taken objection to action being proposed by the CVC against those who had retired long after they had called for trials as a routine matter of due diligence.

He pointed out that suggesting names of dealers did not amount to bypassing rules, rather it was part of the process of testing the suitability of the equipment for the railways.

He has demanded that the Railway Board collectively respond to the CVC telling them of the process of selection of new products for induction into the railways.