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Two patients admitted at AIIMS are stable and continuing same line of treatment

Two admitted at Army Hospital Research and Referral yet to show major improvement in cell count

NEW DELHI: Nearly a month after they were exposed to radioactive material in Mayapuri here, all the patients admitted to the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences are stable and showing signs of improvement.

``Though one patient developed fever earlier this week, he is now doing well and is also on the road to recovery. We are hoping to discharge the patients as soon as we are satisfied with their progress. As for now the patients will continue the line of treatment prescribed for them,'' said a senior doctor at the Institute.

Meanwhile, two patients, Deepak Jain and Ajay Jain, admitted to the Army Hospital Research and Referral have not registered any remarkable improvement in their condition. ``We tried using granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (GCSF) to stimulate the bone marrow to produce cells but there has been no major improvement in the cell count,'' said Brigadier Velu Nair of Army Hospital.

Lieutenant General Naresh Kumar of the Army Hospital said: ``We are providing the best possible treatment to the patients. Both the patients are showing some signs of healing the natural way. The blood count of Deepak (32) has shown an upward trend and a good portion of Ajay's (40) burnt skin has healed with no help of skin grafting. Also prospective donors for bone marrow transplant for both patients have been recognised but no decision has been made so far about the transplant.''