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"Ovation 2007'' organised by Toastmasters to be held soon

NEW DELHI: Speech has always played a significant role in the advancement of human life. In today's competitive life a professional with strong communication skills has a clear advantage over tongue-tied colleagues. And probably few know it better than one of the founder-member presidents of Toastmasters community club in Hyderabad, Squadron Leader (Retd) Jayasimha, whose claim to fame is delivering an uninterrupted lecture for a mind-boggling 111 hours in Hyderabad in March this year.

Holder of several academic and professional degrees, this former Indian Air Force officer made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for most random objects memorised in Hyderabad in 2005. He has earned several awards and accolades in his career, the most prominent being "The Memory Maestro and Dale Carnegie of India".

Mr. Jayasimha is expected to be in Delhi for "Ovation 2007'', a four-day seminar to be organised by the US-based Toastmasters, the world's leading public speaking organisation, at India Habitat Centre from May 17.

To enable its members to acquire the all-elusive art of public speaking, Toastmasters provides learning and training at its "learn-by-doing" workshop. Men and women from all age groups are encouraged to hone their public speaking skills in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

On joining, each member receives a variety of manuals and resources on speaking. Members have access to a variety of books, audio and video resources on speaking and leading. They also receive the monthly magazine that offers the latest insights into speaking and leadership techniques.