The Jawaharlal Nehru Students’ Union held a demonstration outside Banga Bhawan here on Wednesday protesting against the death of a Students’ Federation of India (SFI) activist while being transported in police custody during a protest action in Kolkata.

“The JNUSU strongly condemns the custodial killing of SFI activist Comrade Sudipto Gupta in Kolkata. Comrade Sudipto succumbed to severe head injuries which he suffered after being arrested by the police. The West Bengal Police is defending this criminal act by making an outrageous claim that he died after hitting a lamp post. Another student has been seriously injured because of police beating and is currently hospitalised,” said JNUSU president Lenin Kumar, adding that their demand was that an independent judicial inquiry be instituted to probe the death.

“The JNUSU salutes Comrade Sudipto Gupta and pledges to fight against the reactionary regime which has killed him in cold blood, and salutes the students and common people of Kolkata for coming out in huge numbers to protest against his brutal killing,” added Lenin.