Residents of Delhi University's hostel for women have alleged that they are being victimised for protesting against the “autocratic” functioning of the hostel authorities and are now planning to protest outside the Vice-Chancellor's office later this week.

“The hostel authorities amended the students' union constitution without calling a general body meeting which is against the rules. We protested by writing a petition, but instead of addressing these issues the authorities are victimising each of the girls who have appended their signatures,” said Maya John, a resident of the hostel who is studying Ph.D.

“The hostel was established in the 1970s and we are functioning with the same rules. The inmates are senior students pursuing Ph. D or Master's courses but are being treated like small children.”

The hostel authorities allegedly called the parents of students who signed their names in the petition. “They are so unsympathetic that they are calling up parents and telling them that their daughters are demanding late night timings like 1 a.m. None of us have ever demanded anything like that,” said another resident.