Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: “Homoeopathy is an absolutely scientific and well-documented method of treatment unlike what is being claimed by some news reports attributed to the British Medical Association which has termed homoeopathy as witchcraft,'' said a representative of homoeopathy doctors in the country, Sushil K. Vats, at a press conference here over the weekend. Homoeopaths in India feel that such attacks on homoeopathy outside the country are a result of deteriorating economic conditions and the insecurity felt by those practising the modern system of medicine.“These people are attacking homoeopathy without any clinical study or scientific base. They are doing so with the sole objective of removing homoeopathy from the national health scheme in Britain .They want the British Government to withdraw its funding on running homoeopathic hospitals under the health scheme so that this budget could be diverted to enhance allopathic services,'' a release by Dr. Vats said.

The homoeopathy doctors also charged that all the talk about homoeopathy being unscientific or only placebo was nonsense and was only being spread to misguide various governments and the public at large.