Sandeep Joshi

18,000 properties was downloaded without making technical upgradation A lot of people complained to the civic body that its website was not functioning

NEW DELHI: The posting of the long list of unauthorised constructions in the Capital on the website of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi without proper planning on the part of the civic body has caused a major technical glitch in the website -- -- and people are now unable to either see it or do routine works like bookings of parks and community centres or download forms.

According to a senior Information Technology department official, the problem cropped up as the exhaustive list containing details of unauthorised constructions in more than 18,000 properties was downloaded in the website without making any technical upgradation of the website being operated by a private firm.

The civic body has now started upgrading it and soon the job would be done, he said, adding that the revised list of unauthorised constructions would also be uploaded once the website starts functioning properly.

Initially when the list was released a couple of days ago, only a few people knew about it so there was no major problem, but gradually more and more people started accessing the website causing problems as the site was overloaded by users. Unable to handle so much load, the website crashed. For almost the whole of Thursday and Friday, the website could not be opened, he said, adding that a lot of people complained to the MCD that its website was not functioning and therefore they were unable to see the list of unauthorised constructions and carry out other work.

As the website provided various civic services online like bookings of 746 parks and around 150 community centres for marriages and functions, people were unable to avail of this service and had no choice but to visit MCD offices for their work.