Smriti Kak Ramachandran

NEW DELHI: To ensure that Government departments pay for the electricity they consume, Delhi Transco Limited has suggested use of pre-paid electricity cards and automated system of calculating power consumption.

"We have decided that all Government departments that consume less than 45 kW of electricity should be given pre-paid electricity cards and for those who consume more than that, there should be a system of automated computing of consumption," said Rakesh Mehta, Delhi's Principal Secretary (Power) and Chairman-cum-Managing Director of Delhi Transco.

The Transco chief on Tuesday chaired a meeting that included officials from six Government departments that have been declared defaulters.

"While we are already on the job of recovering the outstanding dues, making the switch to pre-paid electricity will help bring in more transparency in the system and also help conserve energy," he said.

Citing the benefits of using prepaid energy, Mr. Mehta said: "We will recommend this suggestion to the Government for immediate implementation as this will help in better energy management, conservation of energy and also in doing away with the unnecessary hassles over incorrect billing. The automated billing system will help track the real time consumption and will leave little scope for disagreement on consumption and billing."


The Delhi Transco, following repeated reminders from the discoms to settle dues, had scheduled a meeting to resolve the issue.