Even as the rest of the city awaits a new tariff schedule, the VIP New Delhi Municipal Council area will have to pay less for power starting June 1 to August 31. The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission has allowed a reduction of one per cent in the power tariffs in the NDMC area, based on the power purchase-cost adjustment charges (PPAC).

The Commission has allowed one per cent surcharge that replaces the earlier surcharge of two per cent.

The DERC received the NDMC’s PPAC surcharge petition for the quarter January-March 2013, wherein it had sought an increase of 0.86 per cent on account of PPAC for quarter 4.


“Preliminary examination of the application reveals that the claim of PPAC has been made based on current bills in line with the Commission’s approach of not considering the supplementary bills and past arrears as has been adopted in earlier quarters this year as well as for evaluating the fuel price adjustment charges in prior periods,” the Commission said.

The surcharge will be levied for a period of three months on pro-rata basis and the percentage increase on account of PPA will be applied as a surcharge on the total energy and fixed charges. “The bill format will clearly identify the PPA percentage and amount of PPA billed as separate entries. The PPAC should be levied after considering rebate on energy charges, if any, available to the consumers,” the Commission has said.