The Delhi Police will soon file a supplementary charge sheet in the alleged conspiracy hatched to access the phone call-detail records of Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley once the forensic reports on the computers, laptops and mobile phones seized from the four accused are made available to the investigating agency.

“The communication devices have been sent to the Central Forensic Science Laboratory to retrieve the data erased by the accused persons to evade detection. We have reasons to believe that the data in question would help us dig deeper into the conspiracy. Once the next phase of investigations is completed, we will be in a position to file a supplementary charge sheet in the case,” said a senior police officer.

Police sources said they have zeroed in on one person on suspicion of him having assigned the task of accessing Mr. Jaitley’s call-detail records to private detective Anurag Singh, who was also an accused in the Amar Singh phone-tapping case in 2005. “We have identified one such person. However, we can initiate legal action against this person only when he we have concrete evidence against him. The CFSL has the wherewithal to retrieve the data deleted from the computer systems of the accused and the data may help us gather solid evidence in this regard,” said the officer.

Apart from the computer data, the police are also awaiting information from one of the e-mail service providers on the communications made between Anurag Singh, his assistant Nitish Singh, accused Neeraj Nayar and Constable Arvind Dabas. Investigations have revealed that the constable had allegedly helped Anurag Singh access 30 CDRs through unauthorised use of the e-mail account of Assistant Commissioner of Police (Operations), New Delhi. He would allegedly pass on the information to Neeraj, who would forward it to Nitish for further sharing it with Anurag Singh.

Through his computer records, the police have so far learnt that Anurag Singh had allegedly obtained 52 CDRs in the recent past. The evidence obtained thus far has indicated that the private detective had plans to use the CDRs to create contacts which could help him escape charges in the Amar Singh phone tapping case. However, the larger motive behind gaining access to Mr. Jaitley’s CDR might get unravelled once the erased computer data is retrieved and studied, the officer added.