The National Commission for Women chairperson Mamta Sharma has said the panel would look into the alleged misbehaviour by the Ghaziabad police with a 23-year-old girl.

Ms. Sharma said: “This young girl was reportedly slapped and roughed up by area residents inside a Ghaziabad police station where she was detained on Monday night. The girl was reportedly found drinking in a parked car when the local residents spotted her and abused her. The girl and her friend were brought to Sahibabad police station where she was thrashed by a cop on duty.”

“The police are duty-bound to protect every citizen. Even if the girl was drunk, the police should have behaved in a civilised manner and certainly should not have allowed the local residents to thrash the girl,” she added.

Adding that the law does not allow any woman to be detained at a police station at night, Ms. Sharma said: “The girl should not have been in a police station after sun-set and a male cop cannot touch her. After we intervened in the matter on Tuesday, the Ghaziabad police have promised action against the sub-inspector who slapped the girl. The police also said the two (girl and her friend) were brought to the police station after they misbehaved with the local residents and created a scene. We will look into the entire incident and recommend strict action.”

Though women activists and NCW have expressed shock and dismay at the incident, the Delhi Commission for Women chairperson, Barkha Singh, has defended the police action.

She said: “I don’t think that the police behaved in a high-handed manner. Of course, nobody should be allowed to take law into their hands but in this case the police were only doing duty. Even parents scold and hit their children when they do something wrong; so if the police behave in a similar fashion with young girls and boys, there is nothing wrong.”