Organisations working for the welfare of villagers have hailed the imposition of a Rs.2.50 lakh fine on the Delhi Government by the Supreme Court for indulging in frivolous litigation in a matter of allotment of land to the poor under the 20-Point Programme.

Secretary of Delhi Gramin Samaj Devinder Sehrawat accused the Delhi Government of engaging in doublespeak on the issue of rights of farmer and the poor. Alleging that many of the rehabilitation and welfare schemes have only remained on paper, Mr. Sehrawat said: “Under the provision of the Delhi Land Reform Act, 1954, the landless poor, backward communities, residents of the villages of Delhi were allotted land for construction of houses. But they have not been given possession of their land.”

In fact, he said, a large number of the allottees have already died. There are about 173 families in Rangpuri still carrying on the struggle to get the plots.