Long after the first comprehensive report on the status of women was submitted way back in 1974, the Union Ministry of Women & Child Development has now constituted a high-level committee to undertake another exhaustive study to understand the status of women since 1989 as well as evolve appropriate policy interventions based on a contemporary assessment of women’s needs.

The committee has had its first consultation on ‘Women in India – Articulating a Vision for 2030’ at Vigyan Bhavan here. Speaking at the meeting, committee Member-Secretary Deepa Jain Singh said: “The Government had constituted a committee on status of women in 1971 and now we are having this first consultation which is a milestone in development of women. There have been various challenges and opportunities due to social and economical developments. The focus of the consultation is to articulate a vision for women for 2030 and to set priorities and strategies to guide us towards the vision.”

Stating that the group was also looking at identifying the gaps in policy and its implementation, Ms. Singh said: “There is a need to place women’s issues at the centre stage of the country’s consciousness.”

The committee has been constituted on the recommendations of a Committee of Governors which felt that a comprehensive report on the status of women was imperative as the last such report ‘Towards Equality’ was brought out in 1974.

The two-day consultation was inaugurated by Union Minister for Women & Child Development Krishna Tirath who said: “The mandate of the committee is extremely wide-ranging and the report of the committee will enable the Government in implementing policies which will benefit women in the economic, social, cultural, legal or political spheres.”

Noting that in the aftermath of the horrific incident of December 2012 there have been concerted efforts on part of the Government to provide safe public places for women, Ms. Tirath said: The Union Budget 2013-14 announced a number of initiatives for this purpose, including the Nirbhaya Fund of Rs.1000 crore and an additional sum of R.200 crore for schemes for vulnerable single/ widowed women.”

  • The consultation aims to articulate a vision for women for 2030

  • The committee’s report will help in implementation of policies