Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: Osmania University Joint Action Committee has called upon Congress president Sonia Gandhi to help in the formation of the State of Telengana at the earliest. The Congress, it said, should be bound by the statement made by the Home Minister, P.Chidambaram, on December 9 and urged that a Bill be introduced in Parliament at the earliest for the formation of the separate State. Referring to the constitution of Justice Srikrishna Committee by the Central government on the issue, they said the people of Telengana region had certain apprehensions. The panel should address only the formation of Telengana and not any other issue, which are mentioned in the guidelines for the panel.

In a letter to Ms. Sonia, the JAC said that if Congress, however, felt that the panel was necessary to resolve the issue, it should be asked to come out with its report within a span of three months.

The JAC emphasised that the agitation for Telengana was not a separatist movement, but a movement for self-respect and self-rule “from Andhra and Rayalaseema hegemony”.

Members of the JAC also met Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi here on Wednesday and urged him to work for an early decision in favour of the formation of a separate State of Telengana.