Parul Sharma

NEW DELHI: Academics from the United Kingdom's Sheffield Hallam University are in India now to scout for students interested in pursuing various undergraduate and postgraduate courses there.

On-the-spot admissions to undergraduate courses like accounting, adventure sport management, animation, business, engineering, criminology and postgraduate programmes like bio-informatics, construction management, film studies and forensic science were held here on Wednesday.

The delegates from Sheffield Hallam University will be visiting 12 other cities including Bangalore, Coimbatore and Ahmedabad to interview interested students.

"We are here to help students make the right choices regarding their careers. It's basically recruitment with integrity. The two things that we are primarily looking at are strong academic skills and enthusiasm on the part of students. We want young people willing to learn to be successful," said Robert G. Harris, Head of International Development of the University.

"If we are satisfied with the students' academic performance, we will give them offer letters on the spot. We also have four scholarships worth 1,000 pounds each for Indian students applying for undergraduate courses for the September session and nine scholarships for postgraduate applicants," he added.

Such interactions give students an opportunity to meet the delegates of various universities and they get a chance to learn more about those institutions and clarify all doubts about where they are going. Academics too can get to interview students and know more about them. This also saves time.