New Delhi: An opinion poll conducted by a TV channel has indicated a clear majority for the Congress in the coming Karnataka Assembly polls. Out of 224 seats, it is projected to take 114 seats, a “slender but clear majority,” gaining 49 seats over the 2004 elections.

The poll predicts a major setback to the BJP, which is hoping to capture power. It projects the BJP winning only 60 seats, a decline of 19 seats. However, 27 per cent of the electorate polled in the survey prefer its leader B.S. Yeddyurappa as the next Chief Minister.

Significantly, the BJP’s performance has been calculated only on the basis of its own strength as it is going it alone this time, while in 2004 it had an alliance with the JD(U). The Janata Dal (S) is projected to get only 37 seats, 21 short of its tally in 2004.

The poll by CNN-IBN, Deccan Herald and CSDS took the opinions of over 5,124 registered voters across the State on their voting preference if “elections were to take place tomorrow.” — PTI