Bone of contention was a hand-pump locked by one of the women in an Outer Delhi village family

A brawl between two sisters-in-law over water turned bloody when one side opened fire at the other injuring three persons. In retaliation, the other side bludgeoned one person to death at Alipur in Outer Delhi on Sunday night. Several persons were injured in the clash.

The longstanding dispute between Shyamo and Rambiri -- wives of two brothers -- took an ugly turn a couple of days ago when a fight broke out between them. The situation went out of control and the police had to intervene to calm both sides. Enquiries by the police revealed that Rambiri would allegedly put a lock on a hand-pump to prevent others from fetching water. This was the bone of contention between the two women.

Just when it seemed that the matter had been resolved, Rambiri's brothers Satbir, Ranbir and Deepak opened fire at the other party on Sunday night. Shyamo, Jayaprakash and a neighbour sustained bullet injury, which enraged the villagers.

Armed with stones and sticks, the villagers attacked Rambiri's brothers. “Satbir (26) succumbed to the injuries sustained at the hands of the assailants,” said a police officer. The others injured in the clash were taken to hospital.

In view of the tension prevailing in the area, security personnel were deployed to prevent further violence. The area Deputy Commissioner of Police also visited the spot to take stock of the situation. “We have registered a case of murder and riot against Sohan, Subhash, Anand, Pramod, Jitender, Narender, Devender, Bittu, Nittu, Kallu, Bhuria, Sanjeet and Suresh,” said the officer. Another case has been registered against Ranbir, Satbir and Deepak, who had opened fire at the other party.

The police said preliminary findings have suggested that Rambiri used to take up altercations with villagers over trivial matters. “Although it is being alleged that the fight broke out on the issue of water, investigations are under to ascertain the facts,” the officer added.

  • Security personnel deployed to prevent further violence
  • Murder and riot case against 13 persons; another case also filed: Police