Several neo-literate women educated at Delhi Government’s Gender Resource Centres (GRC) took a vow on Wednesday to not put their thumb impressions on documents and to continue their education. The women narrated their woes to Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and told her about the stigma faced by them when they were illiterate. They said they were unable to read bus numbers and had to request others to operate their bank accounts and fill in applications.

The Delhi Government’s Mission Convergence, that operates 130 GRCs, has been educating women from the poorest and most vulnerable sections of society, said Ms. Dikshit. The components include adult literacy, remedial and non-formal education classes. Ms. Dikshit said Mission Convergence has joined hands with the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) for providing basic literacy skills to around 4,000 women from vulnerable sections.

“The GRCs have been providing opportunities to girls and women above 15 years of age to gain basic skills. However, there had been no provisions for formal assessment and certification of these learners. This was initiated for the first time in collaboration with NIOS,” she said.