After an initial spell of silence, more sections of the Tamil film industry on Saturday started speaking out in support of Kamal Haasan on the Vishwaroopam controversy.

In a scathing letter, veteran director Bharathiraaja lamented the silence on the part of prominent players of the Tamil film industry and called upon everyone to stand united in support of Kamal Haasan. “The ban on Vishwaroopam is not just a ban faced by Kamal Haasan. I consider it a ban on the freedom of expression of every creative artist in the country,” he said.

Pointing out that the Central Board of Film Certification had already cleared the movie for screening at the theatres, Bharathiraaja said: “If such a movie is facing a ban, I wonder how the law would support an ordinary citizen and an ordinary artist like me.”

“There are some who are criticising the movie saying there are no songs in it, there is no romance or comedy in it. And that it feels like a documentary. I have seen the movie. In terms of technology and story-telling, I take pride that a colleague from Tamil film industry has produced such a movie.”

Bharathiraaja asked, “Would someone make a documentary spending Rs.100 crore?”

Actors lend support

Popular actors Prakashraj, Jiiva, Siddharth and a few others who are active on Twitter have been tweeting consistently over the past few days in support of the national award-winning actor-filmmaker. Since the big controversy broke out over the release of the movie, Rajinikanth was the first big name from the industry to voice his support on Friday, the intended date of release of the movie. In a statement on Friday night, actor Ajith Kumar asked, “Is India a secular state or is it run on the basis of vote bank politics? Democracy and secularism are being misunderstood as clichéd words that are just adjectives for our nation. Time we lend our ears to the actual values that the country lives for,” he wrote in his statement to the media.

National award-winning actor Prakash Raj, in an audio message to fans on the occasion of Republic Day, said it was sad that the right to freedom of expression had been suppressed in the case of Vishwaroopam . “I request each and every one of you to stand together and stand with him in this hour of trauma”. Acclaimed actor-director R.Parthiban said the ultimate judgment on the controversy would be delivered by the audience. “If someone says it is a senseless argument that a movie can be censored on the opinion of six people, then the same argument holds that 100 people cannot decide what is good for a billion.”

Several actors have replaced their profile photos on their verified social network accounts with ‘I support Kamal Haasan’ badges. The trend has also caught up with users.

Several actors sported ‘I support Kamal Haasan’ badges