The Haryana Government has clarified that no wall is being constructed along the Hansi-Butana multi-purpose link canal as claimed by the Punjab Government.

Haryana Irrigation Engineer-in-Chief Harmail Singh said the State Irrigation Department had been taking only protection measures by strengthening the old existing bund constructed prior to formation of Haryana in 1966 by constructing a concrete sheet pile below the present ground level. “Therefore, the fear of the Punjab Government that the wall would obstruct the flow of the Ghaggar in the Guhla area was baseless and held no ground,'' he added. The concrete sheet pile being constructed below the ground level aims at preventing breach of the bund throughghurloos(flow of water through piping action in the bund).

He further clarified that “construction of sheet pile” had nothing to do with the Hansi-Butana multi-purpose link canal. “This strengthening has been necessitated as during the last monsoon season the bund had breached and caused damage to property.''