Staff Reporter

`Kidnappers contacting family by e-mails'

NOIDA: Even as investigations into the kidnapping of three-year-old Anant, son of Adobe senior vice-president Naresh Gupta, are on in full swing, the police are yet to make a major breakthrough in the case.

The Special Task Force of the Uttar Pradesh police and the Noida police, along with the Delhi police, are working on every possible angle of the case. While there were reports of Mr. Gupta's family getting ransom calls and being asked to keep the police out of the entire "deal", the police have maintained silence and refused to confirm or deny the information. There were also reports of the kidnappers trying to get in touch with the family through e-mails.

Senior police officers maintained that several teams were on the jobs and raids were being carried out at various places in western Uttar Pradesh. Details of gangs involved in kidnappings and the movement of the members of these gang members are being scoured through to get a possible lead. The Delhi police have also been assisting their neighbouring counterparts.

However, the details of the investigations are being kept a secret as the police fear that revealing any such information might jeopardise the safety of the child.

A day after the kidnapping, Mr. Gupta had also requested the media persons not to sensationalise the case as it would put the life of his son in danger. Sector 15-A of Noida, which houses several members of the judiciary and senior executives of reputed companies, has virtually been declared out of bounds for media personnel and security guards have been deployed there.

So far the police have not ruled out any possibility. Investigations are on to ascertain if a professional gang was involved in the kidnapping.