Nine persons were killed in different accidents in Uttarakhand over the past 24 hours and the half-eaten body of a child carried away by a leopard from his house was recovered.

Five members of a family including a father and his son drowned in the Ganga as they were trying to wade through the gushing waters near Ajitpur village in Haridwar on Friday. The victims seemingly failed to realise the speeding currents and the depth of the river, police said, adding that all five bodies have been recovered.

A fellow villager, Anil, who was also with them, swam to safety.

In another incident, four persons including three members of a family from West Bengal were killed when the vehicle they were travelling in fell into a deep gorge near Lolti area on the Gwaldam-Karnaprayag road in Chamoli district late on Thursday night.

The deceased have been identified as Chapalkanti Dhar Chaudhary (62), his wife Lipika Chaudhary (54) and their son Kushal Chaudhary (22). The driver of the vehicle is yet to be identified, said the police.

In another incident, a five-year-old boy was mauled to death by a leopard at Gauchar in Chamoli district, spreading panic in the area. The boy was picked up by the leopard from his house on Wednesday and his half-eaten body was recovered from nearby forests on Friday, the police said.