Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: With the new academic year at Delhi University due to begin in less than a month from now, Motilal Nehru College (morning) on the South Campus is busy setting up two new computer laboratories for its students.

“We are in the process of setting up computer labs in the Commerce and Science Departments. One lab will be exclusively for B.Com (Honours) students. There will be 30 computers for both morning and evening college students. We are hoping the labs will be ready by mid-July,” said Principal Ramesh Sharma.

“We have renovated some rooms in the basement and some rooms are being readied in the ‘generator building’ on our campus. So in addition to the existing rooms, five more classrooms will be available from this session. We are also renovating our medical room and cultural room by equipping them with more facilities like better flooring,” he added.

Dr. Sharma said though more could be done in terms of infrastructure and facilities, “limited space” available in the college is a hindrance.

“We have an evening college also that is run by an entirely separate administration. We have to vacate the space for them in the afternoon. There are 11 colleges in the University that have both morning and evening sessions. We have much less space than others. Since we are closer to the airport, there are also restrictions on the height of the building,” he pointed out.

“If we want to grow, we should have more courses. We are eager to do that, but do not have enough space. I strongly feel that in the interest of both the colleges the evening colleges of the University must be accommodated in a separate building,” he added.

The college signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Pusan, South Korea, last year. As per the MoU, Korean students will come to the college for a month and will be taught English and Hindi. A batch of 14 students had come last year.

“We are exploring the options in the area of study that our students can take up if they decide to travel to South Korea. Also, the Korean students sponsored their trip themselves. We have to see what can be done for our children,” explained Dr. Sharma.

Like some other colleges, Motilal Nehru College too has become disabled-friendly.