The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system of the Central Board of Secondary Education has caused marked improvement in school education, Delhi Education Minister Arvinder Singh Lovely said here on Saturday.

Speaking at a conference of stakeholders on the progress of CCE organised by social advocacy forum Centre for Applied Sociology, Mr. Lovely said that for a long time an old methodology was in place at the secondary education level and students were assessed on their ability to memorise information. “The new grading-based evaluation and assessment system is a marked improvement over the old method,” he said.

The CCE was introduced in September 2009 as a system of school-based assessment that covers all aspects of a student's development. According to CCE advocates, this system will dilute the stress and anxiety linked with board examinations, prioritise learning, thinking and speaking and focus on the mental, physical and emotional development of the students. The conference which included teachers, principals and career counsellors highlighted the apprehensions that had emerged as a result of the new system such as student workload, teachers' training, relevant texts, student and teacher ratio, parent perspectives and adaptability to change and learner orientation.

School principals spoke of their experiences with CCE and discussed its various aspects. “Many students want an exact idea of where they stand academically, this is not possible in the new system as they are placed in a grade band,” a teacher said.

“There are also concerns about increased workload. Students have to put in work regularly which can lead to stress. However, students agree that it is better to study consistently rather than leave matters to the last minute,” she added.