“We never had the chance to meet and see this brave woman conscious,” said Medanta Hospital Critical Care & Anaesthesiology Department chairman Dr. Yatin Mehta, one of the two senior doctors who escorted the gang-rape victim from Delhi to Singapore.

The team accompanying her and her family returned to India on Friday after handing over the patient and making sure her parents understood her medical condition.

“Little did we know that she was to die a few hours later,” Dr. Mehta said.

Explaining her condition when the patient was shifted out of Safdarjung Hospital and flown to Singapore, he said: “The cardiac arrest the patient suffered on Tuesday night caused damage to the brain, while the doctors at Safdarjung also indicated that there was swelling and fluid leak in the brain. She was heavily sedated when she left India and was immediately rushed for a CT scan when we reached Mount Elizabeth. The investigative medical procedure there showed brain damage while she also had infection in the blood, lungs, abdomen and high-grade fever.”

“Even at the Singapore hospital, the patient remained critically ill and the only course of treatment that was made available to her was to stabilise her condition. Also, the treatment plan was very similar to the one offered to her at Safdarjung Hospital. But the hospital here offered her a better environment. On Friday night we started noticing multi-organ failure. The victim was never out of danger and her injuries were grievous, so her chances were never very good.”

Speaking about her parents and brothers who accompanied her to Singapore, Dr. Mehta said: “We sat down and explained to the family the condition she was in — the extensive injuries she had suffered and the medical complications. They seemed to be very simple people who told us — ‘We know that the doctors and the Indian government is trying its best to help our child. The rest is God’s will.”