The National Commission for Women on Saturday decided to intervene on behalf of the 23-year-old acid attack victim Preeti Rathi who was assaulted recently in Mumbai.

Attacked in Mumbai

Preeti, a qualified nurse, had gone to Mumbai to join as a medical staff at the INHS Asvini Hospital in Colaba and was attacked at the railway station.

The victim’s vision has suffered partial impairment and she has extensive burns on her face and upper torso.

NCW chairperson Mamta Sharma said: “We will meet representatives of the Union Defence Ministry and ask them to treat Preeti’s case in a sympathetic manner. The NCW wants that Preeti be allowed to join as a nurse or given a parallel post.”

‘Free treatment’

Stating that Preeti now needs all the support to help her get on with her life, she added: “The doctors at the hospital told us that she will take several months to heal. We have also demanded that the victim be given free medical treatment till she is rehabilitated.”

  • A nurse was attacked at Mumbai railway station

  • NCW wants victim to get her job, free treatment