NCR expanded to include Bhiwani, Bharatpur

Proposal to add Jind and Karnal in the works

The National Capital Region has expanded. Ahead of the general election next year, the Union Government on Monday announced sops for Haryana and Rajasthan by including Bhiwani and Mahendragarh districts of Haryana and Bharatpur district of Rajasthan in the NCR.

The decision was announced by Union Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath following a meeting of the NCR Planning Board here.

“The inclusion of Bhiwani, Mahendragarh and Bharatpur has been approved. There is also a proposal to include Jind and Karnal in the NCR and Haryana has been asked to submit a formal proposal for the same,” Mr. Nath said.

Benefits expected

With their formal integration with the NCR, Bhiwani, Mahendragarh and Bharatpur can expect better infrastructure, improved connectivity with Delhi and other regions, and more development.

The NCR Planning Board extends loans on lower rates of interest for the development of the constituents of the region. Property prices are also expected to show an upward trend with their inclusion in the NCR.

The region now extends to a total of 11 districts in Haryana, six in Uttar Pradesh and two in Rajasthan.


Terming the region as an important hub of economic activity in the country, the Minister said there needs to be improved regional development and better urban and suburban connectivity.

“Delhi cannot expand, therefore, all the regions should be integrated,” he said.

The Minister stressed the need for an economic and efficient mass transportation system as an essential driver of regional economic development and highlighted the need for Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) in the NCR.

Quality of life

He said the implementation of these projects will help reduce travel time within the region, decongest both National Highways and arterial roads, and improve the quality of life in the NCR.

He said the Expenditure Finance Committee has recommended the setting up of the National Capital Region Transport Corporation for implementation of RRTS which in Phase-I will connect Delhi to Panipat (111 km), Delhi to Alwar (180 km) and Delhi to Meerut (90 km). The matter will be taken up by the Cabinet soon.

“Work on the three corridors will start soon and is expected to be completed by 2016. The corporation will contribute Rs. 200 crore to begin the work on one of the lines,” Mr. Nath said.

The Regional Plan 2021 has been reviewed and the Draft Revised Regional Plan 2021, prepared by the corporation in consultation with the participating States and stake-holders, has been approved for inviting objections and suggestions from the public under the provisions of the NCR Planning Board Act, 1985, the Minister said.

The Board has also approved Rajasthan’s request for identification of Jaipur as counter magnet area and the Sub-Regional Plan for Uttar Pradesh sub-region.

Delhi cannot expand, therefore, all the regions should be integrated

Kamal Nath

Union Urban

Development Minister

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