A new programme aims at creating awareness about a museum’s role in society

“Museums should not only be a place of learning for young visitors and their accompanying elders but also a place for relaxation,” said Union Culture Minister Chandresh Kumari Katoch at the National Museum here on Wednesday.

The Minister was speaking at the launch of ‘Training of the Yuva Saathi –Young Volunteer Guides for Young Visitors to the National Museum’ which seeks to train young people about heritage, museum education, public communication and creative learning in order to design and conduct tours for young visitors to the museum.

Engaging young minds

Ms. Katoch said the Yuva Saathi programme seeks to engage young minds with the objects of the National Museum to widen their understanding of the story of civilization across time and space.

“A sense of belonging and ownership towards collective heritage can be sown in young minds through such programmes as it is for these young visitors, who are our future generation, that every museum hopes to preserve, safeguard, display and interpret its collection,” she said.

She said the programme will create awareness among young people about the role a museum plays in a society. Describing the National Museum as the premier museum of the country, the Minister said it showcases the 5,000-year-old cultural history, tradition and heritage of India through its collection of over two lakh antiquities.

“A visitor to the museum would like to know, understand and appreciate these objects for their context, history and unique features and the programme will help in that direction,” she said.