A Juvenile Justice Board has ordered that charges of murder and gang-rape be framed against a minor who is accused of brutally raping along with five adults a 23-year-old woman on December 16. The victim passed away on December 29 in a Singapore hospital from injuries sustained in the brutal assault.

Principal Magistrate Geetanjali Goel ordered the framing of charges under Indian Penal Code sections dealing with gang-rape, murder, kidnapping, unnatural offence, attempt to murder, dacoity, destruction of evidence and conspiracy after finding prima facie evidence against the 17-year-old juvenile.

The Juvenile Justice Board has now fixed the case for March 6 to record evidence.

The minor claimed innocence and contested all the charges against him.

Charges of robbery, wrongful confinement and destruction of evidence were also ordered to be framed against the juvenile in another case of robbing a vegetable seller who had boarded the bus and was thrown out before the gang-rape victim and her friend boarded it.

Earlier, the police had in their PIR (Police Investigation Report, which is equivalent to charge sheet) filed before the Board slapped charges of gang-rape, murder, unnatural sex, dacoity, criminal conspiracy and destruction of evidence among other offences under the Indian Penal Code against the minor.

Similar charges have been framed against the other five adult accused in the case by a special fast track court here.